Learning digital platform

WileyPLUS Learning Space is a digital platform that allows students and teachers to get an optimal learning outcome. Interactive and dynamic e-books, text photos videos animation are designed in simple and elegant user interface; research shows that this level of interactivity in the textbooks would create a better learning outcomes learning. Listed below are some of the many advantages you can get from it.

Interactive e-books

In WileyPLUS Learning Space you can easily highlight and make notes digitally in the texts. You can also highlight and make a discussion about your highlighted section, whether you are a student or a teacher. Furthermore, all student notes and discussions go directly to ‘My Notes’ area that the student created. This really helps in terms of organized learning. Forum discussions are also available, so the students can discuss whatever they want to discuss with their peer groups. The teacher’s surveillance allows the teacher can join the discussions of the peer groups as well.

Concepts Check and Proficiency Reports

Every chapter or section in WileyPLUS Learning Space comes with a concepts check where the students will be asked about some questions related to the section to ensure their understanding. This will be accompanied by proficiency reports on every chapter in every course, so the students can see in details about their grades and achievements. This can help them know what part or section in the course they need to focus on more, helping them maintaining a good score.

Real-time Reports

Teachers can get real-time reports regarding the learning process in Wileyplus. Wileyplus allows them to know which students are risky, so therefore they can make an intervention for them. This also allows high-performing students to accelerate and do independent learning. Real-time reports also help the teachers in identifying which topics are challenging for their students, thus allowing them to make a more detailed discussion about the topics. They can also directly contact students from the reports. While students can get a complete chronological history of everything, they have done, so they can review things easily and look for the sections they are looking for effectively,


Wileyplus allows the teachers are free to customize, show or hide chapters and even add resources such as YouTube videos, links and other files. Also, they can add custom assignments for efficient learning purposes. This allows teachers to hide irrelevant contents to create a better learning path to help the students to focus on the important ones and ignore the irrelevant sections. This way the students will be able to have a more targeted study, and they can manage their time better. As an addition, the teachers can also add simple study guides for the students before a test, thus helping them in reviewing the materials needed.


Wileyplus Learning Space has so many advantages, and the system can solve the problems students and teachers usually have in ordinary learning system at school. It simplifies the teachers and student’s tasks so the learning process can be done efficiently.