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russian volume lash

Eyelash extensions, while not for everyone, have become a standard inclusion in many people’s makeup and beauty routines. They make the lashes longer and more striking and add a noticeable piercing effect to one’s gaze. But not all add-ons focus on length. Certain brands and types of extensions, called volume extensions, are designed to fill out the natural eyelashes. Russian volume eyelash extensions are the latest trend.

As one might expect, the technique originated in Russia and has the user place two or more fanned-out extensions on a lash, making each one seem much fuller than single extensions are able to. The Russian style utilizes thinner extensions. This is to avoid weighing down the natural eyelashes and risking damage. And while other volume extensions are pre-fanned by the manufacturer, Russian volume eyelash extensions are fanned out by the artist at the time of application.

The process of applying Russian volume lashes is delicate and careful precision is required, making the Russian style quite difficult to perform at home. Up to six lashes can be placed over a single natural lash, however because each individual extension weighs much less than standard extensions, these typically last much longer and actually reduce the overall pressure on the natural lashes.

Volume lashes were introduced into the beauty scene around 2013 and quickly became popular for their attention to eyelash texture in addition to making them longer. Regular extensions typically number at about 80 to 100 per eye to match the amount of natural lashes. The Russian volume style provides 200 to 400 per eye. As one can imagine, the application of all these lashes takes a couple of hours. On the other hand, they last around a month, give or take a week. Prices vary depending on region and individual salons.

On the subject of salons, it should be noted that some of them are offering the Russian style treatment without carefully training their employees due to the style’s popularity. Because delicacy and accuracy are vital to the procedure, it is important to only have a trusted beauty technician apply Russian volume lashes. Having them applied incorrectly, or having too many heavy extensions placed at once, can cause strain on and damage one’s natural eyelashes.

Despite this, there are a number of qualified salons in many areas of the world. All it takes is some shopping around to find the right one. Many customers have already recounted their experiences at various salons online. Being a growing market as it is, finding the right choice should not be difficult.

Different cultures all have different tastes, but some things are universal. The fact that Russian volume eyelash extensions are gaining ground in other regions and have been for some time, indicates more than a conformity to one singular definition of beauty. It also speaks, in its own small way, to the popular opinion that healthier and more practical (which, in this case, means weighing less and lasting longer) routines are more favorable than quicker, superficial fixes.

Someday, a new trend will arrive on the market, whether to change the current definition of beauty or in response to it. For now, Russian volume is one treatment to keep an eye on.